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Bugzilla – Setting ‘Target Milestone’ During Bug Creation

I'm a fan of the Bugzilla bug tracking system that came out of the Mozilla web browser project. It is a web based system that makes it pretty easy to track issues with pretty much any piece of software. Furthermore, it isn't that hard to set up, so I have used it in more than one employment setting.

At work, we have a private Bugzilla installation that is only visible to employees. Given that everybody that can enter bugs should know how to fill in even the more complex fields, the enter bug form seemed a little inadequate. Our QA department really wanted to be able to specify the target milestone for a new bug to be for the next release when they entered a bug for a regression during the full quality assurance check a few days before a release.

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CSS Positioning

Anybody who has worked with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) quickly learns that they are a very powerful tool for adding presentation to web pages. Cascading Style Sheets change the fonts and colors in HTML documents easily, a feature that any good webmaster will now employ. The specification for CSS also allows for elements to be positioned on the page so that CSS can do layout with the same advantages as font and color.

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