Solve Perl “Wide Character in Print”

Here is a simple Perl program that outputs a capital gamma character (Ɣ): print "\x{194}\n". When you run it, you will probably get a warning from Perl about a "Wide character in print at line 1".

$ perl -e 'print "\x{194}\n"'
Wide character in print at -e line 1.

You can solve this using several different methods.

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Synology NAS Backup Script

I use external drives to backup everything on my Synology NAS. My data easily fits on a single large drive so:

  • I put two large drives in my NAS and use raid0 (mirrored disks)
  • The entire backup (or even multiple backups) can fit on an external drive.

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SEO Myth: Structured data helps search engine rankings

Google has recently given a lot of visibility to structured data. That is, special HTML markup from about various types of data. When implementing several types of structured data, Google will display rich snippets in the search results such as star ratings of reviews. Google added a structured data testing tool to search console.

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SEO Myths

There are a lot of misconceptions about SEO and web development. None of the following are true, but I regularly run into people who believe them.

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Updating Route53 DNS dynamically

If you are using Route53 for DNS, it is pretty easy to update a route 53 DNS record with your current IP address as a dynamic DNS service. Here is a script that does so. It

  • Looks up your current IP address
  • Looks up the IP address in DNS for your host name
  • Uses the AWS command line client to update the DNS record if it needs to be changed

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