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Customize Palemoon

When I install the Palemoon web browser, I like to install some additions and tweak some settings.

Pale Moon Extensions

Search Engine

I find Google search very frustrating unless it has two important preferences set:

  • More than 10 results per page (I prefer 30)
  • "verbatim" search that prevents it from completely ignoring words in your query

I created a search engine for this on on Ready2Search. To set those Google options as your default search from Palemoon:

  • Visit the Google Verbatim 30 results page.
  • Click on "OpenSearch plug-in GV30".
  • When a dialog pops up, allow the plugin to be installed and set it as the default Firefox search engine.


Pref Value Description
accessibility.typeaheadfind true Enable "find as you type" /tmp Downloads go to the temporary directory false Choose where downloads get put.
browser.startup.homepage about:blank Set a blank page when you open the browser.
browser.newtab.url about:blank Set a blank page when you create a new tab.
browser.tabs.closeButtons 3 Show a single close button to the right of the tabs rather than a close button on each tab. YOu can always middle click on an individual tab to close it.
browser.tabs.selectOwnerOnClose false Select tab to the right of the current tab when closing a tab.
browser.tabs.warnOnClose false Don't warn when closing multiple tabs at once.
editor.singleLine.pasteNewlines 2 Replace new lines with spaces when pasting into single line text boxes
middlemouse.contentLoadURL false Who really wants a URL on middle click? It usually means that I'm trying to paste and I missed the text box.
network.cookie.lifetimePolicy 2 Expire all cookies not in whitelist at end of session.
extensions.foxclocks.format.clock.custom <d-s> <mon-s> <d> - <12h>:<m> My preferred clock format for FoxClocks

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