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LetsEncrypt for HTTPS on a Tomato Router’s Web Administration

I generate a LetsEncrypt wildcard certificate for my domain name. On my home LAN, each device has a subdomain ( When those devices have a web interface for administration, I enable HTTPS and give the device the Let's Encrypt certificate to use. This allows you to administer the device without seeing scary warnings about security from your browser.

I installed FreshTomato on my router. Getting the certificate onto it is pretty easy if you use the script I wrote.

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Griffin Road Trip for Ipod Review

I have been eying products that transmit your Ipod on a radio station for listening on your car radio for over a year now. Up until now, the offerings have seemed rather limiting in some way. Either it has been too hard to change the station, the Ipod didn't charge in the car, or the Ipod sat inconveniently on the passenger seat. The Griffin Road trip seems to be the best Ipod transmitter available, as it doesn't have any of these problems.

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Turning off the Maintenance Required Indicator on the Honda Insight

I recently got routine maintence done on my 2000 Honda Insight, but the mechanic neglected to turn off the "maintenance required" indicator on the dashboard that comes on every 6000 miles or so. Not a big deal, the owner's manual has instructions for doing so. You would need to be able to if you did maintence yourself. Except the instructions they have don't work. The manual states:

To reset the maintenance required indicator, turn the ignition switch to the LOCK position, then press and hold the trip meter reset button until the indicator resets.

First, the LOCK position isn't labeled as such (further in the manual they explain that it is position 0). Second, they forgot a step. Better directions would be the following:

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I bought a hybrid electric Honda Insight when they first came out in 2000. In addition to the amazing dual gas/electric technology, the car has a sleek aerodynamic design, wheel covers over the rear tires, flashy silver paint, and an antennae centered on the roof that give it a futuristic look. I call my car "The FJM". Here is the story of how it was named.

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