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I bought a hybrid electric Honda Insight when they first came out in 2000. In addition to the amazing dual gas/electric technology, the car has a sleek aerodynamic design, wheel covers over the rear tires, flashy silver paint, and an antennae centered on the roof that give it a futuristic look. I call my car "The FJM". Here is the story of how it was named.

I came out from a lunch shop behind two real hicks. They were local painters wearing splattered overalls who had never even imagined anything like this car could actually exist. The opened the door of the sandwich shop, saw the car in front of them, and stopped dead in their tracks blocking the doorway.

One put his hands on his hips, turned to the other and said, "What the FUCK is that? A fuckin' Jetson Mobile?".

They wanted to see it and they asked the usual questions. "Do you have to plug it in?" (no), "What gas mileage do you get?" (62 mpg), "Doyou like it?" (yes). They were pretty skeptical after it all, but they did name my car for me, so I thank them.

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